These are the files and information required for me to be able to start working on the page layout & formatting of your book:

Please contact me if you have any questions!


These are the files needed to start the interior design of a book:

Final manuscript
✔︎ Already edited.
✔︎ The file shouldn’t contain any comments.
✔︎ All track changes must be approved/rejected.

Front matter
✔︎ Copyright page. (Here’s a guide on how to create a copyright page:
✔︎ And any information you need to provide the readers before they dive into the main content of your book, this could be: acknowledgments, introduction, preface, prologue, and dedication.

Back matter
Usually this includes:
✔︎ About the Author.
✔︎ Any sort of index or bibliography/references.
✔︎ Request for reviews + contact and social media info.


The ISBN should be inserted in the copyright page.
Note: Print and eBook require different ISBNs.

About free ISBNs:
Please note that Amazon and IngramSpark are named as your book publisher if you use their free ISBN. This means they will own the publishing rights of your book (i.e. they’ll own the product, which is the physical book). The copyright (the words) are always owned by you, the author. When you publish through other platforms like IngramSpark, you have your own ISBN registered in your name.

✔︎ Make sure you do your own research on this subject. (Here’s a helpful article to start with:

Print-on-demand platforms

Each platform has slightly different rules on how to prepare books for publication.
Before starting to work on your book, I would need to know which platform you will use, so I can follow their submission guidelines.

The main self-publishing distributors and platforms are:
✔︎ Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon KDP)
✔︎ IngramSpark
✔︎ Draft2Digital
✔︎ Lulu
✔︎ Smashwords

This guide has a useful overview of the available options and their pros/cons:

Book cover Fonts

The title page of a book usually mirrors the cover. To be able to format it accordingly, I would need you to be able to share the final version of the cover with me by the time we’re getting ready to start the work.

Information needed:
✔︎ Image of the front cover.
✔︎ Fonts used (complete font names).

The information on the fonts from the cover is also useful so they can be used in some sections of the page layout (for examples: titles, subtitles, quotes, headings). This way I am able to create a sense of unity between the cover and the interior pages.
Note: Once the work starts, you will be able to choose between a few different options of fonts for the body text.

Images & illustrations

To add images or illustrations to the pages of your book, you can either provide files that are ready to be placed in the pages (these must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi) or I can bring in an illustrator to work on the project. I would coordinate myself with this person and remain your point of contact.