Hi! I offer book formatting services to self-published authors.

My name is Ines, I am a formatter and unlike most designers who come from the graphic design field and find page layout monotonous – I have a professional background & education in Publishing – and quite enjoy it!

After working as an employee for many years, I am now offering book formatting services as a freelancer and looking forward to helping self-published authors with their books.

Education & Professional background
Bachelor + Master degree in Publishing Studies
Internship in a multinational publishing company
I worked as the assistant of the publisher in a publishing house
I also did proofreading & small formatting tasks for a magazine
I had formatting training & worked as a multilingual desktop publisher, formatting a variety of documentation for big corporate organizations

Core values
Motivated by assisting others
Open communication
Creative & organized
Attention to detail
Good team player

Personal – 5 random facts about me
I’m Swiss + Portuguese (currently living in Switzerland)
Hiking and scrapbooking are my favorite hobbies
I’m a Taurus / INFJ / Enneagram 9
My favorite books to read are horror & psychological thriller novels
I paused being a formatter for 3 years to work as a self-taught photographer