I help self-published authors with the design of the interior pages of their books (for both print & eBook).

This includes:

  • Designing the interior pages of a book, according to genre and printer’s specifications.
  • Formatting the manuscript to represent the author’s creative vision, while also matching specific publishing standards.

In this page you will find:

  1. What the process of working with me looks like.
  2. Info on which files you will receive and what software I use.
  3. Turnaround times for short stories and novels with standard formatting.

Work process:

1Free consultation email/call to chat about your book and see if we are a good fit. I will also send you an estimate for the job.
2Signed agreement and deposit of 50% of the fee.
3Questionnaire and/or discussion regarding the formatting details about the style of your book.
4First delivery: I send you an initial design and you give feedback.
5Second delivery: changes are implemented according to your feedback.
6You review and approve the updated design.
7You order a proof copy of the book and test the upload on the print-on-demand platforms.
8I correct any issues/typos you found after receiving the proof copy and/or testing the upload.
9Remaining balance of the fee is due before the Author’s reception of the final deliverables.
10Final delivery.
11Corrections of typos after publication are free of charge. (However, any substantial changes will require a new quote.)

You can read more about the Agreement terms and Payment policy here.

Which files you will receive:

PDF + eBook files (EPUB and/or MOBI) ready to upload to chosen print-on-demand service.
Please note that InDesign files are not included. If you wish for the price of the native files to be included in your quote please let me know. Fonts are also not included.

What software I use:

I use Adobe InDesign to format books, this gives me access to a catalog with many fonts that are licensed for embedding in PDFs and can be used in printed books. For eBooks, I also use InDesign to build the structure of the book and then I switch to Sigil (which is a multi-platform EPUB ebook editor) that allows me to access the HTML/CSS code to tweak it as needed.

About fonts:

If you require the use of specific fonts (to which I don’t have access through Adobe), in order to use them in your book you will need to buy the font files yourself, along with their license.

Should you have any questions, feel free to send me an email!

Turnaround times

Standard formatting – Books in black-and-white, with mainly text:

Short stories or Novellasmin 7 days*min 5 daysmin 8 days
Novelsmin 10 daysmin 8 daysmin 11 days

Turnaround time is for the first delivery (initial design), the duration of the entire project will depend on how long the author takes to provide feedback between the rounds of revision.
* Business days.

For complex formatting and other type of manuscripts (non-fiction, poetry collections, guides, etc.) please request a custom quote.

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