Are you looking to hire a team of professionals to work on your book?

Please find below (in no particular order) peers from this industry, who would be glad to help you with other steps of the publishing process:

Kerrigan W. |
Author consultations that provide professional guidance at any stage of the writing process.

Callie W. |
Proofreader specializing in books to be self-published by Christian authors.

Devore Editorial |
Editorial company that provides premium Submission-Ready Editing™ to prepare writers and their manuscripts for professional publication.

Hannah B. |
Fiction editor and book coach, helping indie authors edit and publish their books.

Rachel O. |
Personalized copyediting and proofreading services to independent authors.

Val C. |
Nonfiction editor offering comprehensive developmental and copy editing services for authors who self-publish.

Whitney M. |
Proofreading, substantive editing, copy editing, developmental editing, and beta reading services for indie authors. (Sci-fi/fantasy, but also: romance, historical fiction, LGBTQT+, and mystery novels.)

Amanda G. |
Photo-manipulations and type-based covers, across a range of genres and styles.

Carole C. |
Graphic designer and published illustrator with a fun and colorful style. Hand-crafted typography for book covers and titles.

Diana C. |
Book covers and promotional materials for publishers and authors. Romance (all sub-genres), YA, Fantasy, PNR, Mysteries, and Thrillers.

Elle M. |
Flat style digital/vector illustration, particularly popular for book covers in the Romance, Young Adult, and Women’s Fiction/ChickLit genres (among others).

Jasmine M. |
Graphic designer and illustrator working across a range of disciplines but specialising in design for print and colour theory.

Victoria O. |
Multidisciplinary graphic designer working mainly with (but not limited to) embroidery, digital illustration and collage.

Denis C. |
Marketing help for fiction authors. Creator of the ‘Simple Two Method Book Marketing System’.

Sara-Jayne P. |
Marketing help for authors, small publishers, and bookish folks to build their brand & find their readers on Instagram.

Mixtus Media |
Simple personalized process – book marketing & social media management for authors.