Formatting for both print & eBook

Pairs With Pinot (author: Mary Ann Tippett)

A little bit about the work:

This book is a romantic comedy about two people who are matched as soulmates in a new dating app. Each chapter features the questions (and respective answers) both characters went through while filling out the app’s questionnaire. The author asked me to format the text in a way the Q+A would be clear for the readers.

A sans serif font was used for the Q+A sections, since it represents a questionnaire the characters are replying using an online app.

For consistency (and to create some unity between the cover and the interior pages) the font I used for chapter opening pages, drop cap and scene breaks is the same as the one used in the spine + back cover of the book.

The title page mirrors the cover:

For the same reasons, the font used for headers (Author’s name & Book’s title) is the same font as the one from the title of the cover:

The formatting was done for both print and eBook.

For the print version, the author received PDFs ready for upload according to the printing specification of Amazon KDP and IngramSpark.

For the eBook version, the author received both EPUB and MOBI files.