Book Formatting & Page Layout Design Reviews

Fiction, Narrative non-fiction or Poetry
(books for print with mostly text)

Get expert advice on your book!

Before you set out on the journey of printing & publishing your book, why not have an expert review it and provide recommendations to make sure it has a pro finish?

I have an education and professional background of 10+ years in publishing. I know what readers expect to find when opening a book and what makes a better reading experience. I can take your book through the same process of quality control I have implemented for the ones I work on and make sure those details are applied in your own book.

What is reviewed?
Your book in PDF format, fully formatted and ready for print. I check that the interior pages of the book follow typesetting best practices, match specific publishing standards, and are according to genre.

What you will receive?
A written report pointing out errors and inconsistencies in the formatting & page layout of the interior pages of your book.

Timeline: 2 to 5 business days (based on availability)

Up to 200 pages: 65 CHF ($69) 32.5 CHF ($34.5)
201–350 pages: 75 CHF ($79) 37.5 CHF ($39.5)
351–500 pages: 125 CHF ($133) 65.5 CHF ($66.5)

✔︎ If you need a phone consultation either before or after the review, we can add this for an additional 29 CHF. Please contact me before booking.


  1. Please note: this is not a proofread. I won’t be reading the content of your book or comparing it to the original manuscript.
  2. Source/native files (from Word, InDesign, or other software), or other external files, are not included in the review.
  3. I do not implement the changes. I write up a report pointing out errors and/or suggesting improvements to the formatting & page layout of your book; however, no specific instructions are provided on how to implement those.
  4. This applies to books for print with mostly text, but not to graphic-heavy publications or complex layouts.
  5. Confidentiality: I treat all information about your book’s content as confidential and not cause or permit such confidential information to be disclosed to any third party not bound by a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement.

*Note: Since I am based in Switzerland, you will be invoiced in Swiss francs (CHF). The rates above are an approximate conversion to U.S. dollars. The fee is due at the reception of the report. You will be charged a minimum fee in case no errors/inconsistencies are found.

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