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A checklist that will help you keep track of all the details regarding the design of the pages. This is for those of you who are formatting your own books, but also for those who are preparing to outsource that task.

I have curated a collection of 100 images within the theme of books/writing, that I will be using for my social media posts. I’m happy to share these photos with you if you would like to use them as well! These can be downloaded, modified and used – for free.

A “self-edit workbook” to help you achieve the best draft you can, before you move on to the last steps of the publishing process! Created in collaboration with Callie (from

Have you always wanted to write a book but don’t know where to start? This guide was created in collaboration with Kerrigan Wade (from to help you start your writing journey.

Have you ever felt like the process of formatting your own book is overwhelming? Here you’ll find my method that I’ve break down into 11 steps, so it doesn’t feel as frustrating to turn your manuscript into a printed book.

Whether you’re just starting to look into self-publishing or want to see the full process laid out, that’s where this guide comes in. In it you’ll find info on: decision to self-publish, editing, cover design, formatting, pre-publishing checklist, final steps, and marketing. Created in collaboration with Hannah (from

Writing down on paper all the necessary tasks to publish your book, and having them spread out through the different months, will give you a better understanding on how to plan for each step. Use this printable calendar to get your publishing process organized.

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