The info below applies to novels & shorts stories that only require standard formatting:

Books in black-and-white, with mainly text.

For other types of manuscripts (non-fiction, poetry collections, guides, etc.) and complex formatting please request a custom quote by filling this short form.

Turnaround times:

Short stories or Novellasmin 7 days*min 5 daysmin 8 days
Novelsmin 10 daysmin 8 daysmin 11 days

Turnaround time is for the first delivery (initial design), the duration of the entire project will depend on how long the author takes to provide feedback between the rounds of revision.
* Business days.

For more info on…

  • what the process of working with me looks like
  • info on which files you will receive
  • what software I use
  • what to do next

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