Are you looking to hire a team of professionals to work on your book?

Please find below (in no particular order) peers from this industry, who would be glad to help you with other steps of the publishing process:


Abigail L. |
With many years of experience in the performing arts and literary worlds, I provide insight to many different writing styles and adhere to publishing standards both national and international. I provide services in the areas of: editing, proofreading, and writing, whether the goal is for personal use or for publication. I have an MFA in Creative Writing and won several regional awards for my stage plays. I understand the long process it can take to meeting one’s personal goals, but the road toward it can certainly be fulfilling.

Callie W. |
I am a proofreader specializing in books to be self-published. I have the final fresh pair of eyes that look for those pesky errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency that get overlooked by authors, editors, and anyone else who has seen the manuscript countless times. Those errors, though seemingly minor, can discredit you. As a writer myself, I know how difficult it can be to hand your “baby” over to a stranger. With that in mind, my corrections and comments are always gentle, yet firm. Check out my website for more info or to get a quote.

Hannah B. |
I help authors through all stages of editing, from developmental edits down to copy editing. With two degrees in writing and editing, almost a decade of experience, and being a writer myself, I know how daunting the editorial process can be. That’s why I provide friendly, gentle feedback to show you both what’s working and what can be improved in your manuscript. Your editor should support your vision while still helping you put out the best book possible, and that’s what I strive to do for every client. I can’t wait to be part of your team!

Whitney M. |
Whitney and Travis McGruder each have 10+ years of editing experience. We each have English degrees and editing minors, plus 20+ years of writing experience. Whitney recently published her debut novel in 2018 and will publish again in 2020; since we’ve been on both sides of the publishing process, we strive to build up our community to help other writers to succeed. We provide proofreading, substantive editing, copy editing, developmental editing, and beta reading services for indie authors. We primarily work with sci-fi/fantasy writers but are ready to edit romance, historical fiction, LGBTQT+, and mystery novels.

Cover design/Illustration:

Amanda G. |
I help authors and publishers with cover design across a range of genres and styles. My focus is on photo-manipulations and type-based covers. A cover should hit that sweet spot for artistry, audience appeal, and fit for the story/content, and that’s exactly what I help clients achieve. I’m a huge bookworm on top of being a designer – let’s talk books!

Carole C. |
I’m a graphic designer and published illustrator with a fun and colorful style and a love for cats, Miyazaki movies and baking delicious treats! I always enjoy helping authors to bring their stories and characters to life using a lot of imagination and a touch of magic. I also love creating beautifully hand-crafted typography for book covers and titles, which gives them a unique feel and style. Can’t wait to get started on your book!

Diana C. |
I specialize in Romance (all sub-genres), YA, Fantasy, PNR, Mysteries, and Thrillers. I help publishers and authors with their book covers and promotional materials, such as bookmarks, 3D mockups, box sets, and ads. My huge love for books and art led me to launch my website where you can find a variety of reasonably-priced premade covers as well as my custom book cover packages. If you’d like to chat about your book cover with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Elle M. |
I specialize in the flat style of digital/vector illustration that’s currently trending for 2020, particularly popular for book covers in the Romance, Young Adult, and Women’s Fiction/ChickLit genres (among others). As a cover designer, I bring something unique to the table: I’m an indie author myself! I approach all of my design work for authors strategically, in the same way I do for my own books, staying up to date on best-selling and popular trends. At the end of the day, I know there’s so much more at stake than a pretty picture, and I never lose sight of the ultimate goal: getting an author’s book noticed by readers and help increase sales!

Jasmine M. |
Colour, illustration and graphic design are a few of my favourite things. Luckily, my day-to-day life focuses on all three. I’m a graphic designer and illustrator working across a range of disciplines but specialising in design for print and colour theory. I love to immerse myself in each project and provide design outcomes that are unique, effective and valuable to every client.


Denis C. |
I help fiction authors sell more books using two simple methods. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, I understand it can be overwhelming with so much outdated or misinformation available online. I specifically designed my ‘Simple Two Method Book Marketing System’ to be budget and time friendly while still exposing your writing to thousands of readers a month. Click the link above and let me show you how!

Sara-Jayne P. |
I help authors, small publishers, and bookish folks build their brand & find their readers on Instagram. I am a publishing industry veteran, a digital marketer, a teacher, an authentic Instagram blogger with a dedicated following, and an aspiring author writing a very silly romantic comedy. Basically my whole career has funneled me into this specific service for this specific audience—and I can’t wait to share my years of experience and knowledge with you!